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Smart Government

Manage public and private infrastructure to optimize cities resources.


Offer governments smart and digital solutions that contribute to improve services and the citizens quality of life, raising the perception of government performance.


The citizen will have digital services at their fingertips from home, on journeys, at the office and different public places they attend. The government will fulfill the mission of providing better and more efficient services, that in the future will help in making decisions at an electoral level.

Among the most important services to be considered are those related to mobility, safety, lighting, parking, water and electricity provision, accident prevention, health services and education among others.

Today, smart cities are a reality in the world, cities that are hyper connected with people and offer a wide range of services, meeting the changing demands of the digital society.

The Global HITSS solutions for the Smart Government sector.

Focused on improving citizen's experience with the services they receive from the government.

Include expert business partners in the field: public safety and cyber security, economic development, tourism and municipal services, which, integrated with our communication and information technology capabilities, allow us to deliver what each of our customers requires, improving attention capabilities, response, prediction and planning of the community with the intention of raising the citizens quality of life.

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Smart lighting

Smart lighting

Smart parking

Smart parking

Smart traffic

Smart traffic

Urban solutions

Urban solutions

Transporte público

Public transport

Facial recognition, Biometrics

Public Safety

Video en celular durante emergencia

Video on cell phone during emergency



Digital technology, integrated and connected to the network.


Stable high-speed connectivity, inventoried digital technology and IoT identification.


Specialized systems for the attention of citizens as well as digital records of each of them.

Digital Attention

Digital services, information control and collaboration between professionals in the public administration and the private sector.

Sectoral Integration

Interconnected systems, exchange information with other systems, expanding the coverage between the collaboration ecosystem of the public administration sector and the private sector.

Continuous care of the Citizen's experience

Information control and open chain automation.