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Transport and logistics

Reduce costs and increase the productivity of your logistics operations


Offer transport and logistics managers in companies and organizations intelligent solutions that help them reduce costs, increase the efficiency of transport, increase the productivity of their logistics operations and raise their levels of security and protection, guaranteeing a high quality service to its customers, in addition to reducing the environmental impact of emissions.


Helping those responsible for the operation, logistics and transportation to have greater control throughout the entire day of a motor vehicle, since it is stocked in a warehouse until it reaches its final destination. Allowing the administrator to know the following information in real time: location along the route, fuel and other liquid levels, speed detection, engine warm-up level, battery status, temperature of the cooling box, driver monitoring, immediate and remote shutdown of the engine and tire pressure level, among others.

Our Vehicle Management solution, operated by Global HITSS, is guaranteed, safe and has the national ANERPV certification, in addition, it integrates state-of-the-art technologies with our national communication and connectivity coverage on the roads, cities and towns of Mexico.

The Global HITSS solutions for the Transport sector

Include expert business partners in the field: fleet managers, operation directors, warehouse managers, logistics and experts in various areas, which, integrated with our communication and information technology capabilities, allows us to deliver what each of our customers requires, contributing to improve the operating results of your business controlling and managing the vehicles of your company.

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GVT Gestión Vehicular

GVT Vehicular Management

Management: Improve the operating results of your business. Solutions that let you know how they operate and where the assets are located.

Query: Diagnoses of your vehicles online: location, speed and distance of your fleets. Measures drivers performance through reports on the use of vehicles.

Remote control: Through the web application, activate vehicle functions (horn, siren, lights, door lock, engine stop, panic button and spy microphone).

Optimization: Locate points of interest such as warehouses, customers and suppliers, to define more efficient routes that allow you to save time and resources.



Digital technology, integrated and connected to the network.


Stable high-speed connectivity, inventoried digital technology and IoT identification.


Specialized systems for the attention of fleet managers, operation directors, warehouse and logistics as well as the digital records of each of them.

Digital Attention

Digital services, information control and collaboration among professionals in the transport sector.

Sectoral Integration

Interconnected systems, exchange information with other systems, expanding coverage with other professionals in the transport and logistics sector.

Continuous Mobility Care

Information control and open chain automation.